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Our Parish

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Welcome to Notre Dame Catholic Parish!

Our mission is “to make disciples of Jesus Christ (see Mt. 28:19).” Our spirituality is stewardship. (In 1992 the US Catholic bishops mandated that the spirituality of every Catholic parish in the United States be stewardship [Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response]).  Being a Catholic parish, we welcome the Word of God and in the Word of God we welcome all. We worship the one true God, the Holy Trinity. We witness to Christ in our kneeling-service of one another and the poor. (In English the word for a group of two or more parishioners is “kneeling.”)

So we can know you better and stay in touch, just fill out this parish affiliation form. If you prefer, call us at 303.935.3900 and we’ll send one to you. Better yet, stop by at the parish office (5100 West Evans Avenue) to introduce yourself. Best of all, join us for the celebration of the Eucharist this weekend and visit our hospitality corner. We’d love to meet you.

Once the form is complete, you may:

  1. Mail it to: Notre Dame Parish, 5100 West Evans Avenue, Denver, CO 80219.
  2. Bring the form into the parish office, or
  3. Drop the parish affiliation form into the stewardship basket at Mass on Sunday.

We look forward to meeting you. Be sure to introduce yourself to Father Ed and Father John Therese when you come to church. And stop by our hospitality corner in the main vestibule of the church to see what’s going on.

God bless yours and you.

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Parish Ministry Center / Office

Notre Dame Parish
Main Office / Mailing Address
5100 West Evans Avenue
Denver, CO 80219

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Parish Ministry Center / Office 303.935.3900

Coming Home

I am so happy to be at Notre Dame. I feel like I have come home. I love to attend Mass there and the staff has made my husband and I feel so welcome. The church is so "catholic" just like my childhood church. The classes I have had the privilege of attending have helped so much with my spiritual journey. I wish we had become parishioners years ago. Thank you, Lord for guiding us to Notre Dame Catholic church!


Chris Stackhouse

My Spiritual Home

From the moment I entered the church, I felt “home.” I felt and continue to feel embraced by this parish. There’s an undeniable peace in this space and over the course of my life here at Notre Dame, my faith has been energized, especially by the care and commitment of the parish for each and every parishioner. We are “church.” I love Notre Dame!

Parishioner & Volunteer

Francey Pistono

What I Love about Notre Dame

Everything about Notre Dame Church is a blessed fit for my growing in Christ; Fr. Buelt, an excellent teacher (his style of teaching is easy to understand and digest); the deacons are inspiring; the people are gracious and spirit-filled and I am so happy to be church with them.


Mary Conditt