Notre Dame Digital Evangelization

Information Technology (IT) + Digital Evangelization

Digital Evangelization and IT at Notre Dame

Sharing the Gospel with people at the peripheries might not even require stepping outside the door,” encouraging Christians to evangelize through encounters in the digital world.  Especially for young people, “the ends of the earth…are quite relative and always easily ‘navigable.’  The digital world–the social networks that are so pervasive and readily available–dissolves borders, eliminates distances, and reduces differences.”

At Notre Dame we offer the following digital ways to connect to the church and the gospel.

  • Father Ed’s Sunday homilies.
  • Weekly online copy of the bulletin.
  • Flocknote communication via SMS and email.
  • Facebook.
  • Streaming services are coming soon.

For more information or to sign up, contact Joe Heasley, the Director of IT and Digital Evangelization, at 303-742-2346 or

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Joe Heasley

Director of Information Technology and Digital Evangelization

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