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Holy communion and Mass at Notre Dame Catholic Parish in West Denver

Frequently Asked Questions

What time are Masses at Notre Dame Catholic Parish?

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What do I need to do to have my child baptized?
You will work with our parish to prepare for the sacrament by attending baptism classes. To have your child baptized you should understand that you yourself – the parent – agree that your child will be raised in the Catholic faith and understand that you yourself – the parent – are the primary educators of your child in the Catholic faith.  Your child should be given a Christian name, after one of the saints or virtues (even if the name does not appear on the birth certificate). You will also have to choose godparents for your child to help you raise the child in the Catholic faith.

How should I pick godparents for my child?
The role of godparent comes from ancient Rome. Christian parents, facing the very real threat of losing their lives because they were disciples of Jesus, would entrust their minor children to a “parent in God.” The godparent would promise to help raise the child as a Christian and, in case of the parents death, to adopt them so as to raise them in the faith. Being a godparent is not an honorary role. A godparent should be chosen because he/she lives the Catholic Christian life and, as such, is a role model of faith and capable of supporting and even raising the child in the Catholic faith. The church asks for certain “qualifications” in godparents: be at least sixteen years old, having received the sacraments of Confirmation and the Eucharist, and be a practicing Catholic in good standing with the Church. Parents of a child may not be that child’s godparents.

What is the age for the Sacrament of Confirmation?
Confirmation is administered in the third grade and up. Children are prepared for the sacraments by their parents, who are expected to be living the sacraments in their lives and the lives of their family. When a parent believes his/her child is ready to receive first Reconciliation, Confirmation, and/or first Communion, the parent should contact Jim Knowles, Director of Faith Formation.

What do children have to know to be confirmed?
The archbishop has set a number of objectives for preparation for confirmation and first Communion, which can be found here.

How are children who have not been baptized prepared for Confirmation?
Children older than seven who have not been baptized are to prepare for baptism, confirmation, and first Eucharist through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Children and/or Teens. Contact Jim Knowles for more information.

What are the requirements for a Confirmation name?
Taking a Confirmation name is a pious practice. It is not required unless one did not take a Christian name at Baptism. The name should be that of a saint and normally is of the same gender as the candidate.

Can parents provide sacramental preparation through homeschooling?
Absolutely. In fact, this is the preferred model of sacramental catechesis. In the end, it is the parents, together with the pastor, who decide if and when their child is ready to receive the sacraments.

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