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By Joe Heasley

Parish Holy Land Pilgrimage – click link below for more information and to register:

         I invite you to join your fellow parishioners and me for a pilgrimage to the holy lands of Jesus’ earthly life, including his birth and baptism, miracles and teaching, passion, death, and resurrection.  The pilgrimage is set for November 12-24, 2020. 

         The holy land is often spoken of as “the fifth gospel.”  A pilgrimage to the holy land enables one to discover a rich tributary of God’s revelation in Jesus Christ, Mary, and the early church.  Through this fifth gospel the bible comes alive in unimaginable ways. 

This pilgrimage is just that—a pilgrimage—not a vacation.  For example, as much as possible our accommodations are religious houses; pilgrimage days include Mass, prayer, and bible sharing; and a lot of walking is involved.

Additionally, I ask parish pilgrims to attend semi-monthly catechetical sessions to prepare for the pilgrimage.  I have not yet scheduled these sessions, but I am looking at the first and third Thursdays of every month beginning in March.  (Non parishioners are welcome to join the pilgrimage as long as they are willing to take part in the semimonthly catechesis.)   

  The final price for the pilgrimage depends on the total number of pilgrims.  I am thinking we will be able to secure at least 25 pilgrims, which would make the cost $4625 per person/double occupancy, airfare (but not gratuities) included. 

I have led a number of pilgrimages to the Holy Land.  I guarantee you an extraordinary experience of faith and friendship.  Literally, as they say, you will never read the bible in the same way again.

Go to to learn more and to register.  Our program number is 20.10561. 

If you have any questions, contact me.  I am pleased to visit further with you.  Or call Illume at 1.800.368.6757, x128 if you have any difficulty accessing the webpage or if you have questions.

                                               Father Ed                                            

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