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Becoming a Catholic

How do I become a Catholic?

At Notre Dame Parish, we strive to welcome and meet people where they are in life, accompany them on their life-faith journey, and share the gospel message with one another. Simply put, we want others to know a loving God has created us all, that Jesus became one of us in everything but sin so that we could become as God, and that he has placed his Holy Spirit within us so that we can have an intimate friendship with him and one another.  We do this above all by loving one another as Jesus has loved us.  It is not good news to tell someone, “Jesus loves you.”  What is good news is to tell another, “I love you in the name of Jesus.”

Being a disciple of Jesus undergirds all human life and everyday living.  “Even for those who remain tied to their Christian roots, but who live the difficult relationship with modernity, it is important to realize that being Christian is not a type of clothing to wear in private or on special occasions, but is something living and all-encompassing, able to contain all that is good in modern life” (Pope Benedict XVI, Address to Participants in the Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Council For Promoting The New Evangelization, May 30, 2011).

Becoming a Catholic.

Jesus died on the cross that all his followers “may be one”(John 17:21).  He invites everyone into the church, and in his name we welcome everyone who comes.  The process by which adults come into full membership in the church is known as the “RCIA,” which is short for “The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.” “RCIC,” or “The Rite of Christian Initiation of Children,” is the analogous process for children between the ages of around 7 years of age and 18.

For Whom is the Process?

  • The unbaptized.  The primary focus of the RCIA/RCIC is on those who are not baptized, not yet Christian, and who have not been raised in the Christian faith.
  • The RCIA/RCIC also focuses on baptized but unformed Christians, that is, those who have been baptized as Roman Catholics or as members of another Christian community but who were not raised in the Christian faith.
  • Those seeking full communion with Jesus in the Catholic Church. These are baptized, practicing Christians from other denominations who seek full communion with Jesus and the church as a Catholic.

If you would like more information on becoming a Catholic and joining the church, please contact Jim Knowles at 303.742.2351 or by email at

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Jim Knowles

Faith Formation & Evangelization

Looking to get involved with our RCIA program and help bring more people into the Catholic church? Catechist and catechist’s aide — Catechists and aides witness and teach their faith to others, especially helping in our children’s faith formation program.  The most important qualities for a catechist to possess are excitement about the faith and a desire to share it with others.  Training provided.  For more information or to volunteer contact Jim Knowles at 303.742.2351 or
Sponsors— We also have a need for others to accompany those joining the church on their faith journey by supporting them along the way.  For more information or to volunteer contact Jim Knowles at 303.742.2351 or

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