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What do Catholics believe?

People are Catholic for various reasons. However, there is a common thread that binds all of us together. We belong to a Christ-founded and Christ-centered faith community. We believe Jesus’ truth, share his vision and model our lives after his example of love. We are called to care for one another and to use our unique gifts and talents for the good of the community and the world. Below is a listing of some of our fundamental beliefs and values:

  • We believe in God who is our loving Father and creator. God’s love is limitless and overflows into our hearts and lives. God has created us out of His love that sustains and supports us daily.
  • We believe that God sent us his own beloved Son, Jesus Christ, who suffered, died, and rose from the dead, to save us and offer us the gift of eternal life.
  • We believe in the Holy Spirit who is powerfully present in the church today. The Spirit, given to the church at Pentecost, enables the Lord to continue to be present with us today and to continue his saving mission.
  • The Spirit imparts wisdom and knowledge to us and gives us various spiritual gifts, which we are called to recognize, share, and develop to grow in our relationship with God through the help of the same Spirit.
  • We strive to follow Jesus’ teachings in our lives: to love God and others, to practice forgiveness and mercy, and to care for the poor, marginalized, and helpless.
  • We work for peace and justice in our world.
  • We bring God’s kingdom of peace, unity, and love to a world faced with conflict, division, and strife.
  • We worship and praise God by living a sacramental life.
  • We recognize the need for forgiveness, since our sin harms the community in some way, and see the sacrament of Reconciliation as a means to receive this great gift and heal our relationships with God, ourselves, and others.
  • We encounter the real presence – the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ – in the Eucharist and are nourished and fed by the Eucharist on Sundays, the Day of the Lord. The Eucharist binds us with God and with each other, making us the body of Christ in the world.
  • We recognize the importance of prayer, which strengthens and defines our relationship with God, and take time to develop an active prayer life. Without prayer we lose touch with our loving God and isolate ourselves from Him who desires intimacy with us.
  • We recognize the importance of reading, praying, learning, and understanding God’s word in the sacred scriptures.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ established the ministry and office of the pope, the Vicar of Peter, and acknowledge and respect him as the true teaching authority of the church, seeking moral guidance from him and the bishops in communion with him.
  • We recognize the importance of service to others. Believing that Jesus came to serve and not to be served, we strive to follow his example and spread his message of love and care.
  • We strive to live lives centered on the gospel, living for others rather than for ourselves.
  • We preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ both in word and in action.
  • We are willing to stand up to opposition and preach gospel values in a world whose values are often contrary to the message of Jesus.
  • We are willing to endure suffering and rejection, as did Jesus, for the sake of the Gospel and to speak up for what we believe to be right, just, and true.
  • We are devoted to Mary, the Mother of God, and see the saints as our friends, true examples of holiness and faith. We ask them to intercede for us.
  • We are committed to the protection of all of human life, from the moment of conception until natural death.
  • We respect the dignity of every human being and work to eliminate prejudice, oppression, poverty, violence, and injustice.
  • We believe that we are stewards of creation and not just its consumers. We believe that the earth and its resources are created and given to us by God and that every human being has an obligation to protect them.
  • We believe that those who have less in law are to have more in our love. We believe in the solidarity of all human persons for their good and the good of the human community. We are a community of believers united with our brother and sister Catholics and all men and women of good will from around the world.
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