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By Andre Escaleira

To commemorate those parishioners who have gone to their eternal rest in the Lord Jesus and to gather together as a parish community to pray with and for their families and loved ones, Notre Dame Parish will host a Mass on the Commemoration of All Souls on November 2, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

A hallmark of our Catholic faith, prayers and Masses for the deceased are recommended so that those members of the deceased’s family, his or her friends, and the larger Catholic community can gather in prayer and thanksgiving (eucharist). The Commemoration of All Souls is a special feast to encourage the Church to do exactly that once a year, though prayers for the dead should continue throughout the whole month of November in a particular way and throughout the entire year.

At this Mass, a litany of the names of those parishioners who have gone to the Lord in the last two years will be read. There will be a time for intercession for them and their families.

Join us, whether you have lost a loved one in the last two years or simply to pray with and for those who have.

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